The diverse, sustainably driven menu presents a modern take on the traditional omakase experience, underscored by whimsical approaches to Japanese cuisine prepared with local, seasonal ingredients and fresh fish from Tokyo’s famed Toyosu Fish Market. With dynamic courses such as the signature shokupan, comprised of grilled milk bread, toro, and golden Kaluga caviar or the aged, soy-cured bluefin tuna nigiri, Akikos’ cuisine fuses curated ingredients and high-quality seafood with innovative preparation and presentation.

Kindly note we are currently offering omakase experiences for lunch and dinner and do not offer an à la carte menu. For those looking to expand their dining experience, additional selections of nigiri are available a la carte on the nama menu following the tasting.

The omakase lunch experience is offered at $150 per guest, and the omakase dinner experience is offered at $250 per guest.


Sample Winter 2022 Omakase Menu